Emergency Preparedness

In Case of Emergency from the Greatwood MUD Disaster Information

Visit: sugarlandtx.gov/105/Emergency-Management
Tune: 95.7 FM
See: Messages posted at Dickinson Elementary, Greatwood Parkway and Riverbrook Drive
Call: Si Environmental LLC at (832) 490-1600 for water and sewer emergencies
Be Prepared!

The Greatwood Districts established a Disaster Preparedness Committee composed of one director from each of the Greatwood Districts. This Committee was established after Hurricane Ike to evaluate emergency plans for Greatwood’s water and sewer system. Since the Committee was established, the Greatwood MUDs have purchased portable generators that can be pulled behind trucks to run lift stations and continue to treat wastewater in the event of a power outage. This is in addition to the permanent generators that are in place at the water plants and the wastewater treatment plant.

The Greatwood Districts also acquired two static message boards and the ability to broadcast by radio (95.7 FM) to provide information to residents in emergency situations. The static message boards will be placed in front of Dickinson Elementary School on Sansbury Boulevard and at the Brazos River turn around entrance on Riverbrook Drive. As a storm is approaching, information will be posted on the static message boards and on the website, www.gwmuds.com. The Committee continues to review and modify the plans periodically and in advance of each hurricane season.

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