New Recycling Collection Day

City staff was informed this morning (Wednesday) that Republic Services did not complete recycling service in Greatwood yesterday (Tuesday). Staff immediately dispatched Republic Services to Greatwood to recover the remaining recycling. After further investigation by City Staff, it was found that a human error was made in the compilation and communication of solid waste routes by Republic Services. Greatwood’s trash days are still Tuesday and Friday, green waste day is still Friday, but recycling day will be FRIDAY from now on. City staff wholeheartedly apologizes for this oversight and the confusion it has caused the residents of Greatwood.

That being said, the silver lining is that Greatwood will ultimately receive two recycling collections this week, one from this morning to recover the collections that were put out on Tuesday, and another this Friday. Again, starting next week Greatwood will receive Tuesday and Friday trash pickup, and Friday green waste and Friday recycling pickup. The City’s website has been fixed to reflect this update.

This is where we need your help, Greatwood! We need your help educating and informing your neighbors about this change in your recycling day.

Thank you!