Jump into Summer! As we prepare for the summer season, we would like to inform Greatwood of the new pool changes. Not only do we have a new pool company, Texas Aquatic Enterprises, but we’ve also made a few changes to the pool schedule and the pool access system.

Residents can find the updated pool schedules online at www.mygreatwood.com or www.townsq.io. The goal with the new pool hours is to have a successful pool season without having to close the pools early due to lifeguard shortages.

Greatwood Pool 2 is now an unattended “Swim at Your Own Risk” (SAYOR) pool facility during the pool season (May – September). There is no lifeguard on duty and residents must sign a waiver to have access to this pool area. SAYOR swimming during the off-season is to be decided. If you’re a Lap Lane swimmer, your access will continue to work during the specified pool hours listed on the 2023 Pool Schedule. Waivers can be found online at www.mygreatwood.com, www.townsq.io, or can be requested from the management staff.

We would also like to mention that the access card readers have all been updated to the new Brivo system. This will allow residents to use their current access card or a mobile pass for entry at every Greatwood amenity. Mobile passes will be assigned by the management team upon request and there’s a limit of (2) mobile passes per household. Once the access notification is sent to your email and you’ve downloaded the Brivo Pass App, it will allow residents to open amenity doors/gates with their phones. Resident access cards or mobile passes are required to access all pool areas and your Greatwood account must be current and in good standing. Any children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or an adult 18 years of age or older.

As a reminder, please speak with your children and give them good advice so they can enjoy the pools we all work so hard to maintain. There’s a zero-tolerance policy for patrons that do not follow the pool rules. The Greatwood Board and/or management staff have the authority to suspend offenders. Need a refresher on the pool rules? No worries, we have you covered. The pool rules can also be found on www.mygreatwood.com or on www.townsq.io.

Please do not approach our lifeguards if you have a disagreement. Contact our HOA office with any concerns or comments you have. Remember that these lifeguards in most cases are your neighbors.